Is Strut an agency or a school?

Strut is a school training students to be masters at their selected craft.

What ages are accepted into Strut?

Strut welcomes students beginning at age 7 and up.

Is Strut a school for girls only?

Strut is an equal opportunity school offering training to both boys and girls.

Is there an application fee to apply to Strut?

a. Applying to Strut is free of charge, there is however a tuition fee.

Do you have to live in Brooklyn to attend Strut?

You do not have to live in Brooklyn to attend Strut.

What is the process to be accepted into Strut?

Potential Strutters must first apply through our online application or apply on site during business hours. Once an admission representative reviews your application you will be contacted if accepted.

Does Strut guarantee jobs to students?

Strut does not guarantee jobs to students however, we will provide you with the skills to make you stand out of the crowd and boost your chances at your selected field.

Why is there a tuition fee to attend Strut?

Our teachers and advisers are industry professionals training students to be the best they can. Tuition covers payment of the lessons and amazing skills that will be taught.

Where is Strut located?

We are located in one of NYC’s most vibrant neighborhood- 944 Flatbush Ave 3rd Fl. Brooklyn, NY 11226

How long are the classes?

Our classes vary in length depending on the art you are pursuing.

What are Strut open houses?

Our open houses give potential Strutters the opportunity to see what we offer and in depth information about the school.

Does Strut offer classes for designers, stylists, and other industry careers?

That’s one of the beautiful reasons to attend Strut; we offer classes to advance modeling, acting, dancing, styling, designing, photographic skills, etc…

Why should I go to Strut?

Strut will advance your professional skills in the entertainment industry and provide you with the talent to be the star in every crowd.

How can I become a teacher at Strut?

To apply to teach with us send your resume to and management will call to set up an interview.

Are there scholarships available to students?

Strut offers partial scholarships to students who qualify. To see if you are eligible email for more information.


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