Shaw B Shooting In Lal Couture For Strut’s Art Work


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Last week, our CEO had the privilege of shooting with New York photographer Chris Bailey who is also a Strut Instructor; and up and coming design house Lal Couture. This shoot took place down in Dumbo under the Brooklyn Bridge. The creative trio came together to produce wall art for Strut’s studio. These photos will be used as inspiration for our talent when they enter through the doors of Strut. “We want our future Strutters to see that their dreams are attainable by having a familiar face on the walls”, says Shaw.

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The shoot was originally scheduled to take place while the sun was still up. It did not work out as planed, but nonetheless, the finished product was amazing. It seems that the unpredicted moments in life always turn out amazing. The shots captured were able to display Brooklyn at its best. The lighting of the bridge and the city in the back drop was splendid.

Here are some behind the scenes footage and Lal Couture’s Bio.Stay Tuned for the Finished product
LAL Couture is a new clothing line founded by Mr. Beautiful aka Vegas and Alina Lal located in New York City. Creative designer Alina La’l
The main statement of the line is not to make clothes but create a style, promote femininity and elegance. Collections are not based on the seasons, but rather on the inspiration and themes that create a story behind them. Women of different taste and body types can wear LAL couture garments because of variety designs.
LAL couture presented it’s collections in various NYC venues and in Boston. Worked with different fashion photographers: Iryna Gorb, Liam Carleton, Chris Bailey, Nic Chow, Jose Juarez, Kurt Creative.