Welcome to the House of Strut


Welcome To Strut. brooklyn-bridge-251945
Founded by Fashion Model Shaw Bernard, Strut is a modeling/finishing school. We offer services in modeling and acting training.Our classes focus heavily on personal development and self empowerment.The courses at Strut venture not only into the arts, but also into etiquette in various forms. Our aim at Strut is to introduce the young talent to the eclectic world of arts, with a focus to maintain and enhance their academic abilities. Simply, we want our talent to understand the importance of being well rounded.

Having dreams and desires to be apart of the arts and entertainment industries is ambitious and attainable. However, we understand that those industries can be brutal and the opportunities for actors, models, singers, dancers and any other form of artist can be limited. As a result, we strongly encourage our talent to take their education seriously. Regardless of how talented one might be, it is crucial to have a solid academic background. Courses at Strut are designed to help students balance between their academic and creative lives. Learning how to transform into different roles requires concentration and practice. These skills can be extremely valuable in the academic setting. Furthermore, students who apply themselves artistically, learn discipline and develop strong characters.

The arts can be instrumental in propelling students forward to becoming successful adults. According to the National Governors Association (NGA), art programs have been proven to be educationally, intellectually and spiritually enriching. Participation in the arts according to the NGA can also be beneficial to at risk populations and provide readiness to contribute to the global economy. Coupled with the exposure to culture and etiquette, Strut courses are created to ensure a brighter future for all of our students.